How Much Is Renting A Car In Singapore?

Singapore is a suitable place for individuals who love to drive for them. But driving becomes difficult for people who do not own a vehicle. In this regard, renting a car is a suitable option in spite of buying one. It is an economical way of traveling, and the Honda crossroad rental Singapore has a wide selection of vehicles. It includes vans, sedans, utility vehicles, etc., according to your mileage and seating requirements. Significantly, these vehicles are well-maintained and cleaned, so there is nothing you need to worry about. This article briefs you about the car rental rates that the top companies charge.

About Different Car Rentals In Singapore 

The cost of car rentals in Singapore depends on the car you plan to rent according to your requirement. For a car type, like SUVs, Sedans, and other small cars, the average cost of a four-to-five-seater car each day varies from S$50 to S$100; for a week, the cost is S$400 to S$900, and S$1600 to S$2700 a month. For a seven-to-eight-seater car, the average daily cost is S$150 to S$220 and S$700 to S$1400 for a week, and S$2000 to S$4000 for a month. In terms of a luxury car, the amount can roughly vary from S$400 to S$950 daily, up to S$3000 every week, and goes up to S$4500 monthly. If needed, you can make payments through Singapore Buy Now Pay Later.         

The Ultimate Way To Save Money 

If you are planning to get a car on rent for a long-time, opting for yearly rental options will be suitable. It is the ultimate way to save on car rentals, as the price can go up during New Year, weekends, Christmas, other peak periods, and public holidays. Before choosing a suitable choice, buyers should look for the affordable car rental services available in Singapore.

The Top Car Rental Companies 

With so many car rental companies working in Singapore, it becomes difficult to choose one. Here are the top brands you can speak to.

  • Lion City Rental 

This car rental company offers cars at the cheapest price, starting from S$53 a day. Lion City Rental is a well-known name with a wide variety of vehicles. These cars can be used for business or personal purposes and maintain customer satisfaction. While renting a car company, individuals can enjoy a lower deposit of S$500 and up to S$1000.

  • Budget Car Rental 

It offers car rental services to different countries, airport pick-up services, etc., from S$58 every day. This car rental service offers peace of mind and helps save a good amount of funds. Budget Group is an established firm operating in different parts of the world, including Singapore. They update their fleet of cars regularly to offer the ultimate service to top customers. They ensure safety and comfort to customers.

  • Asia Express 

Asia Express has exclusive long-term rental plans; their packages start from S$70 daily. This firm lets you enjoy transportation without thinking about financial support. Asia Express offers car rental services for six or three months according to customers’ needs.

  • Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals

It offers luxury and affordable car rental services at cheaper rates which people can take to travel in Singapore. Suppose you are determined to save your funds and rent vehicles from Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals. They have cars for everyday usage and special occasions. Apart from offering self-drive vehicles, they offer cars for Malaysia and local trips, other services, etc. Some of their cars are Toyota Camry Hybrid, Mercedes E-Class 2.0A, Honda Civic 1.8A, and BMW 5-Series 2.5A.

A Brief Introduction About Car Insurance Schemes

Choosing a suitable and affordable car insurance scheme is challenging if you are unaware of the parameters to consider. What’s the most reliable car insurance? If you are searching for this question, a few aspects that will guide you choose one. They are:

  • Get Quotes From The Top Insurers

The first step to getting car insurance is to ask for quotes from the top insurers on the different insurance policies to find out which fits your preference and budget. After that, you should check if the insurance agents are offering the best possible choice and have revealed all the credentials related to the insurance policy.

  • Adjusting The Insurance According To The Insurance Coverage

Another parameter is adjusting the insurance according to the insurance coverage per customers’ requirements. That way, the policy expenses can be reduced to a great extent.

Signing Off 

Well, if you are ready to rent a car, the above information will be helpful. The top service providers will help you in this process, and you can travel without inconvenience. Therefore, you can speak to the top car rental firms, and they will surely never let you down.